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Community outreach program significantly reduces the cost of prescription drugs

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Residuals are made and paid as people use your cards generating transactions. You make $1 for every prescription filled.  If your patient/client gets 5 prescriptions, that is $5 dollars, and if Families continue using your card then you will continue making residuals. Cards never expire!

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Dr’s really love these discount prescription cards! Many medical buildings will let you leave stacks of these cards in their office because these cards save patients lots of money! 
No Sign Up Fees, No monthly fees & No Yearly fees, 
What is really cool about these cards is the flexibility you have to customize these cards with your other business opportunity.  
You have the option to build a team under you!
Get override residuals 2 levels down 
fifteen cents for each level.  Make 1 dollar for every prescription filled under your NCR#
Insurance agents, medical professionals, Internet marketers, anyone in a trade make good prospects  
You can recruit your reps online click become an agent 
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You can also have your own InCareRx Card Distribution business, earning money while helping others save money!
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This FREE CARD is provided to you Compliments of 
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We probably do not need to tell you:
  1. It is a huge market,
  2. Many people (with or without insurance) need to save money,
  3. Businesses need good, positive promotional methods to build better relationships with their customers.
 Who Referred you
Tina Van Tassel NCR5175
We decided to not only become InCareRx Card users, but also Distributors, because:
  1. For only $74.00, we could print 5,000 of the cards below to hand out free, promote our company, and build additional business,
  2. Each time the cards are used by any member of any family, we earn a commission which is consistently paid,
  3. We can offer cards to Doctor’s offices to hand out and help their patients who wish to save money,
  4. We also can help Doctor’s offices and other medical facilities to promote themselves by printing their own private labeled cards, earning commission overrides,
  5. We also can offer private labeled cards to other types of businesses wanting to give something of value to their prospects + customers, earning commission overrides.
  6. We also can offer private labeled cards to non-profit organizations that want a new attractive tool for long-term fund raising, earning commission overrides.
  7. We also can train other Distributors like yourself, help them make a great return, and earn commission overrides.
As a Distributor, you would have your own GROUP ID on your cards like we do above, which the pharmacist records when the cards are used, earning you your commissions. You can make your own cards if you like.  Or if you prefer you can just recruit others to pass out cards for you.
Over 60,000 Participating Pharmacies
If you would like to join and need help getting started let me know!
I would be happy to help you
  email me or call

Tina Van Tassel

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